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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain - FULL Audio Book - The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (published 1876) is a very well-known and popular story concerning American youth. Том сойер читать на английском онлайн. Mark Twain's lively tale of the scrapes and adventures of boyhood is set in St. Petersburg, Missouri, where Tom Sawyer and his friend Huckleberry Finn have the kinds of adventures many boys can imagine: racing bugs during class, impressing girls, especially Becky Thatcher, with fights and stunts in the schoolyard, getting lost in a cave, and playing pirates on the Mississippi River. One of the most famous incidents in the book describes how Tom persuades his friends to do a boring, hateful chore for him: whitewashing (i.e., painting) a fence. This was the first novel to be written on a typewriter. (summary from wikipedia.org).►For FREE SPECIAL AUDIOBOOK OFFERS & MORE: ►SUBSCRIBE to Greatest Audio Books: ►Become a FRIEND: ►BUY T-SHIRTS & MORE: ►Visit our WEBSITE: - READ along by clicking (CC) for Transcript Captions!- LISTEN to this entire audio book reading for free!Chapter listing and length:Chapters 01 to 02 -- 00:26:38Chapters 03 to 04 -- 00:32:58Chapters 05 to 06 -- 00:31:51Chapters 07 to 08 -- 00:21:20Chapters 09 to 10 -- 00:23:35Chapters 11 to 12 -- 00:19:01Chapters 13 to 15 -- 00:35:24Chapters 16 to 17 -- 00:24:56Chapters 18 to 20 -- 00:28:55Chapters 21 to 23 -- 00:31:37Chapters 24 to 25 -- 00:14:37Chapter 26 -- 00:15:08Chapters 27 to 28 -- 00:11:27Chapter 29 -- 00:14:46Chapter 30 -- 00:16:59Chapters 31 to 32 -- 00:23:14Chapters 33 to 35 -- 00:33:46#audiobook #audiobooks #freeaudiobooks #greatestaudiobooks #book #books #free #top #best #tomsawyer #fiction #literature #MarkTwainRunning Time: (6:46:12)Read by John GreenmanThis video: Copyright 2012. Greatest Audio Books. All Rights Reserved. Audio content is a Librivox recording. All Librivox recordings are in the public domain. For more information or to volunteer visit librivox.org.

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